Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Medway Child Poverty Statistics

Interesting ward breakdown (red indicated Labour Councillor representation) from the End Child Poverty Campaign highlighting the real challenge of fighting child poverty and its concentration in the Medway area.

With the introduction of the Pickles Poll Tax and bedroom tax specifically hitting the poorest I am extremely worried that these statistics will worsen

Overall the level of Child Poverty in the UK has fallen in the UK but Medway is actually one of those areas where it has worsened. From 19% in 2010/11 to 23% today. 

You can find more detail here for the Chatham and Aylesford constituency and others.

I am chasing on historical ward information from this period:

ONS CodeLocal Authority and wardsPercentage of children in poverty
E05002249Chatham Central35%
E05002250Cuxton and Halling11%
E05002251Gillingham North39%
E05002252Gillingham South29%
E05002253Hempstead and Wigmore7%
E05002254Lordswood and Capstone19%
E05002255Luton and Wayfield35%
E05002257Princes Park21%
E05002258Rainham Central12%
E05002259Rainham North18%
E05002260Rainham South16%
E05002262Rochester East25%
E05002263Rochester South and Horsted14%
E05002264Rochester West22%
E05002265Strood North20%
E05002266Strood Rural16%
E05002267Strood South27%

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