Monday, 10 December 2012

Council E-Petition Flop

We all know that local Conservatives ignore local democracy; we have had Council meetings slashed, an overly centralised Cabinet system and a total lack of consultation on a multitude of Council projects and schemes.

It does not come as a surprise therefore that whilst there are currently 52.7m internet users in Britain, representing some 84.1% of the population that our flagship e-petition scheme has been a total flop. 

We have had only seven e-petitions since 2010 and to make matters worse we had one that only secured 1 signature.

Who is responsible for Democracy in Medway; one leader Cllr Rodney Chambers.

Not fit for purpose? Lets see if we change the platform.

1 comment:

  1. Democracy in Medway???????????

    That's really funny Cllr Osborne.

    The next thing you'll be telling us is that 'We're all in it together'...............