Sunday, 7 July 2013

Rochester Airport Park; Units to Let

A very warm weekend undertaking a community petition in Lordswood but have taken a break to watch the Murray match.

On the way back from Lordswood I drove past the Rochester Airport Business Estate that is, according to reports, seeing a 'great amount' of interest to locate Aviation aligned business. 

In addition; I took a glance across the fences into what is the current Rochester Airport. 

A few things stood out: 

Not one notice or welcome paying reference to any history of the site at all which is so heavily lent upon as the reason for investment on the airport site and in the Tory press release. For an organisation so emphatic about the heritage of the site and investment to modernise you could be forgiven for thinking they didnt want lots of visitors.

The other noticeable point were the numbers of 'To Let' signs highlighting what the glib Tory spin cant. The Business Estate clearly isnt performing with the existing number of units; the spend of £5m of taxpayers money of additional units next to a non-commercial airport next door will change what? 

For Let Signs on main road situated next to the main entrance

Former Comet site. Empty.

 Commercial premises sign; inside the estate proper.

Another factory empty

The Tories can pay taxpayers pounds to commission expensive outfits to write favourable papers all they want on this (and they did the same on the Bus Station and Brook too); but anyone with a drivers licence and an iota of common sense can take a look around the site and note the number of unit empty signs. 

Even if there was an argument for £5m investment; and there is no doubt the site does need infrastructure improvements; it is clear this should be spent solely on the business park not used to subsidise a primarily recreational persuit. 

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