Sunday, 5 July 2020

I'm Back...

After a long period of absence I have made the decision to return to on-and-off blogging on select items.

I stopped blogging a few years ago and removed a number of posts due to the wave of entryism from TUSC and other far-left groups into Medway CLPs. As someone who openly supported Ed Miliband and Liz Kendall it was pretty clear Labour was in for a tumult and that prior comments and remarks might be used against myself. The blog came down. 

It might be said that my relationship across the Party are strong and I have worked with many colleagues and campaigners from the Labour Left. The issue locally was a corrosive minority who had no politics; they were brought in by personality politics and ultimately, their politics of personality has ended it for them.

I have also just handed-over a project on Facebook in Kent to a new generation of activists. Having partnered with others to build up the Love Labour, Love Kent forum it is now time to hand this over to others. My next project Keir Starmer for Prime Minister is a partnership of like-minded early Keir campaigners now has a 25,000 members and I think, and I might be wrong, the largest forum for mainstream Labour voices on the platform.

Lastly, I have returned because Labour has returned to its natural home as a credible force for government once again. I supported Keir Starmer from the moment he announced - and before - and I believe he has the values, the drive and the political intelligence to re-connect with the millions of voters lost because of Momentum and their obsessive culture wars, rabid intolerance, cultist adulation and the quite frankly, puerile and pitiful machine politics of the day. It was a nihilism. It was a politics ultimately rejected by the country (twice); and the membership.  It is ended.

As before, I intend to have a hearty mix of local items of interest, national polling reviews and occasionally some other items of interest which includes science-fiction, the natural world, International Relations and snippets on US Politics.

So welcome back!

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