Monday, 17 September 2012

Million Meal Appeal

On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 of October the “Million Meal Appeal” is coming to Sainsbury’s in Chatham, Hempstead and Larkfield and they need your help. 

Last year, they collected food for 1.2 million meals for disadvantaged people, so this year they have a big target to beat and they can’t do it without you. 

They are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to greet customers and encourage them to buy an additional item of food for FareShare, which they distribute to hostels, day centres, kids’ breakfast clubs and local projects.

I will be volunteering to help in Chatham and Larkfield and it is hoped that  others locally will also lend a hand to help some of our more vulnerable members of the community.

I firmly believe that we need more responsibility from big organisations including:
  • Large supermarkets and large manufacturers should donate a proportion of their surplus food for redistribution to charities.
  • Medway Council and other local public bodies including schools and the NHS should donate a greater proportion of their food waste
  • Introduction of a ‘Good Samaritan’ clause, similar to provisions in the United States, to protect retailers who donate food in good faith
So if you’re passionate about helping local people and you want to be part of the UK’s biggest ever food drive, they'd love to hear from you.

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